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Thursday, January 22, 2009



In the words of Douglas Adams (or thereabouts) - so long and thanks for all the fish.

I have enjoyed following your thoughts, but all good things come to an end.

Best wishes for your ongoing thinking and reflecting.


Brodie, I'll be really sad to see you go. You introduced me to blogging, we journeyed on socio-political blog together, you supported me through my Moltmann crisis and I will be delighted to keep in touch with you IRL and on the phone! :-)

You can always blog for free on blogspot. It's really improved....

speak soon
lynn :-)


ah man say it aint so!

Paul Roberts

Aww... There goes one of my regulars! I respect the decision Brodie - but can we stay in touch please? Better be a happy blogger, or happy if not blogging. Bless you and thanks for all the posts! Paul.


thanks Brodie! I've enjoyed reading. blessings on all you do. Hope we'll meet in real life!


Lynn - Hmm never did make it round for dinner. Will need to sort this out.


Paul - would be glad to keep in touch. I still remember warmly our meeting and conversation at Greenbelt.


Maggi - Thanks for the comment, Would be great to meet in real life. I was in Cambridge this week and think I may be back there in May. Perhaps I could email you nearer the time and arrange to meet?


Catriona - Thanks for the comment.


Jason - It's so. Thanks for all your encouragement over the past months.


not a problem, stay in touch through facebook though!


Brodie like others you introduced me to blogging - we will now really need to meet up again physically...or you could get the cheaper Typepad version or go to blogger! On the other hand as you know there are times I stop and have stopped and so on but there you go. PEACE Brodie to you and yours.


indeed, a free host would be ideal, as you could take breaks without worry to cost


Man, I've been wondering what to type. I'm sorry to see you hanging up the boots, but, in a way not surprised.

I do hope you keep somekind of online presence going, via twitter, or occasional guest posts or something. I've learnt a lot from your words, your journey and the connections you've made.


Jason - the cost is not the issue, but thanks for the suggestion.


Stuart - Thanks


Fernando - Thanks. I've appreciated getting to know you a little via the blog and hope that we can continue this friendship is some way.
I will, needless to say, still visit your 'desk' and leave the odd comment.

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