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Monday, January 05, 2009



It hard to argue against anything you have said above and I to would call for the Air and ground strikes to stop now.But in stopping them now will it just be stored up for another day?There seems to be a circle of attack and revenge that will never end.

I have to say I admire you for going on the protest something I have never done.


This is a well written post...violence only begets more violence...one thing I am not reading in the news is the palastine/Israel Christians views on this...


Crime is crime. If somebody breaks the law it is the states duty to insure that the rule of law is upheld. The Palestinians are openly breaking the law. Is it an unjust law? It is their law. If they choose to live outside the law than they can no longer expect protection from it.

If a child steal sweets he will get telling off. That is because it is the responsibility/liability of the parents to insure that he does not steal sweets.

Palestinians may act like children but they are not. They are directly putting there families in danger by there course of action. If they feel the law is unjust, they most first provide Human rights for there own citizens. On the basis of this they can than claim negligence in human rights from Israel.


Terrific post Brodie.

"These 5 ½ thousand missiles have caused 4 fatalities"

Somehow that statistic has not made it on to the TV programmes I have watched discussing this issue. It makes a mockery of the idea of the idea of 'proportionate' response.


Leo - firstly I did not say Palestinians act like children. My point was about the imbalance of power.

I would be interested in your thoughts regarding how the Palestinians are not providing Human rights for their own citizens.

Also what law has been broken? A State has the right to inforce law within it's own borders - Gaza is not part of the State of Israel. The law that applied here is international law and to list Israeli breaches of international law would be a very long list (even if we are to take agreed violations of UN mandates).


Glenn - thanks for your comment. While that statistic has not made it onto mainstream news I do think the BBC, and Jeremy Bowen in particular have been rather good.


Billq - thanks for your comment. Your thoughts about the violence being never ending and revenge are exactly why we need to stop the violence and work out a political solution.


Jason - I too have not heard Palestinian/Israeli Christians voice on this in the media. What we have however had in the UK are many Jewish people speaking out against Israel's attack on Gaza. Also despite Israel's banning of international media being allowed into Gaza the BBC have Palestinian producers etc., who are able to get reports out highlighting especially the lack of medicines and how the hospitals just cannot cope with all the casualties.


Palestinians have voted in party political power that is sworn to the elimination of the Jewish people and state. If you have such laws in your country. How can the Palestinians make any claims to uphold and protect human life, it is not possible. The Palestinians are suffering because there government does not recognise any bodies right to live in peace.


Leo - Thanks for another comment.
For sure some people in Gaza will have voted for Hamas because of their stance towards the state of Israel. Others, however, will have voted for Hamas despite this, believing that Hamas were the best political option for running the affairs of Gaza. There will therefore be some supporters of Hamas who accept the existence of the State of Israel and who disagree with the shelling of Israel by Hamas. You cannot punish a whole people because of the actions of “the state”.
I don't really understand your second sentence - who is the "you"? Is that me or the Palestinians.
The Palestinians were suffering before Hamas came to power in 2007. They have been suffering at the hands of Israel since 1948. If this problem is going to be solved and a two state solution found then the injustices perpetrated in the birth of the modern state of Israel need to be both acknowledged and addressed.

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