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Wednesday, November 26, 2008



My blogs reading level was college undergrad..


umm - that's the reading level, not the writing level


Jason - I guess this is just a bit of fun, but it also reminds us that if we are to communicate effectively then we need to do so at a level that those we wish to communicate with can understand.


Rad - either way it still says I'm a genius! Your just jealous (he says tongue in cheek). That said the next time O’D pull’s me up on the level of my writing I don’t think I’ll be saying “you must be wrong as a web site says I’m a genius”.


I agree with Brodie. I found that my blog had the same reading level and though I write about fairly academic things it actually worried me a little that i wasn't communicating effectively. I wonder whether any blog with specialist language will end up with a genius level result!


Brodie, quite right..I did not think I was writing above heads but it does make me wonder

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