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Thursday, November 06, 2008



ummmm, you got me there B....


For the Heat reader(s) who are wondering what I'm going on about here, perhaps the phrase "eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die" might help?


Um, yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but, well, actually, you know? the Romans like to watch killings for fun and despite the violin not being invented, Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Now he'd be on Simply Celebrity Brother Fame Factor on Ice, having already won at the Lottery Scratchcard Online Casino.

But we must be careful - he did, after all, blame the Christians.


I've been wondering about how to reply to this without descending into a rant (that agrees with you!)

I think you are right - in many ways. We spend time, and money, on our homes and gardens, fussing about the tiniest thing, whilst the world around us, and our own souls, are going to hell. We spend time (sorry, Heat Reader - I Know Who You Are!!) on trivial Celebrity, so that we have more interest in Strictly Come Get Me Out Of Here than we do in the real world, real news, real events. I spoke to someone this week - someone I thought was quite intelligent - who was not aware that the election in the USA had occured, but did know about someoe being voted off the X-Factor - that terrifies me (and it wasn't you, dear Heat Reader, you know that!)

I think we do it in churches as well, though, and that is more frightening. We spend hours wrapping up a shoe box so it looks nice to US, but we never engage with what makes that neccesary, the issues in the country to which it is going, etc etc.... We spend hours making sure the band sounds right, never wondering what the people in the houses round the church think, or even if they are bothered about church at all .... we are more interested in keeping the 'beauty' of the liturgy than engaging with the real meaning of what we are doing, saying ... and we indulge ourselves in self rather than God centred worship while people are literally dying for lack of a drink of clean water ....

Yes, we do engage in aesthetic triviality. The church and culture in this country has a lot to answer for!

And there was me promising not to rant .... sorry ....

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