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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Jim Gordon

Thanks for giving the flavour of all this Brodie. Clash of dates with the Torrance conference means I made a choice - very reluctantly. I still think that Rowan Williams represents that positive kind of naivete that refuses to live only within what is deemed 'realistic', 'practical' and 'pragmatic'. He is the kind of religious leader for whom expediency doesn't close the argument; for whom the mystical and the sense of mystery in the turth of Christ is not to be dismissed as vague; and whose style of leadership is likely to be more reflective than decisive, more spiritual than political, and thus more disturbing than reassuring.


Jim - I'd considered going to the Torrance day but I'd a meeting with my supervisor the next day and needed to prepare for that. Hear from those who were there that it was a very good day.

I think your right in your assessment of Williams and in particular his view of mystery which is perhaps why he's so keen on poetry.
Trust your sabbatical is being a time of deep refreshing for you.

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