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Sunday, September 28, 2008




No Heat magazine? :-)


Lynn - I do on occasion buy Sea Angler, does that count?


Hi Brodie,
I'd love to hear about your books and more about your PhD - I'm reading a book at the moment called 'The Worldly Philosophers', which covers the history of economics through the thoughts of the major figures - Adam Smith, Malthus, Marx, MAynard-Keynes etc, its been fascinating as I know little economics and against the backdrop of the world economy going into meltdown. So no economics in your pile? I'd love to know where you felt it fitted in. Marx said any form of government was based on the economic system and conditioned by it, not the other way round - so the feudal system came out of serfs and landlords, democracy has grown out of capitalism etc. So what form of government grows out of generosity and equality (2 Cor 8)? Look forward to hearing more about your reading and thoughts...
And I agree with your thoughts on Ted, he was a gem and is sorely missed


Jurgen - there is an economics book in the pile but you need to look hard to see it! It's called Being Consumed and is by William Cavanaugh.

While of course economics is an important part of political life there is a danger that economic life over whelms the political so the political is reduced to the economic.

Let's try and arrange a coffee or beer some time?

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