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Monday, June 09, 2008



Great points Brodie. I am currently in North Carolina and car use here is unbelievable! Everyone drives everywhere. This is in part because their town planning takes no account of reducing driving. The issues about reducing the amount we drive are wider than our own choices.

Also final point on a/c. Does anyone in Scotland really need a/c? It's just not that hot that often, so do yourself (and the environment) a favour and don't buy a car with a/c.

Though I must say in the 100 degrees today I was grateful for it!


Glenn - Thanks for the comment. Have you guys moved from BC to NC or are you just visiting?
On the AC point, yes whyw do we need it in Scotland? However trying to but a car without it may be hard as it seems it is standard on most cars now.


Just visiting NC on our way back to Scotland. I have taken a post at Gerrard Street Baptist church in Aberdeen.

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