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Wednesday, May 28, 2008



Wondering what post-capitalism theology would look like.

Have had several conversations recently about whether pot-colonial or postmodern theology is more important.

Am leaning towards post-colonial as it covers such a huge sweep of the earth. But post-capitalistic also appears - politically I think the sooner the better, but what are the implications for theology?

Oooh one to ponder. Roll on the summer holidays!

ps thanks for your moltmann help. verrrrry interesting!


I too wonder what After Capitalism would look like, but I am not sure it would start with oil, as it seems biofuels are the new oil


Susan - I think the field of theology is fragmented enough without another "post" whatever. That said I think in catholic social teaching, given its reliance of St Thomas Aquinas, there is a lot that is pre-capitalism. We can therefore trace that churches particular response to the changing economic and social climates through the papal encyclicals such as Leo's Rerum Novarum and John Paul's Laborem exercens. I'd especially recommend a read of Rerum Novarum.


Jason - I predict that biofuels certainly in their present form will be short lived. They clearly are a bad idea as too much land that is and will be needed for food production is given over to them, or virgin forsest is felled, but the ground that is cleared will not be able to support crops in the long term.


Mosaic law has an interesting mix of the the fundamental capitalist principle of individual property rights, and through the laws of jubilee an underlying communist (or at least communal) principle of ownership of land by the collective. Looking at how to re-introduce that principle of jubilee is a key factor in what you're calling 'After capitalism'.

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