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Monday, April 21, 2008



You make some excellent points here, I especially agree with your point on sharing, it is easy to become self absorbed... now I need to get back to work...I have a 10,000 word assignment to complete!


Bless you Brodie for practising that which you post about today - I am ever grateful to you for taking the time to explain eschatological hope and Moltmann a little more clearly! Wouldn't be nearing the end of the BA Th without it!


Man, great to see you posting and what an excellent topic to kick off with. I agree with you completely, theology as a work should be obviously and deliberately Christian and moral.

Sadly, my experience is that theology as an academic game is all too frequently marked by unfairness, lack of respect and intellectual selfishness.


What's your essay on? I find that it don't have too much trouble writing lots of words, the difficulty is getting the right words and in the right order!



mo worries.


Fernando - Your right in what you say that for many it is just a game. That said I think theologians with strong connections to church are less concerned with the "game" and more concerned about good theology.


great post, good to see this place active again, I agree with what has been posted, yet considering our battles with the flesh it is not always easy to apply

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