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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


John Smulo

I think a lot of us have been in a similar place. I really miss being in more regular contact with yourself and others. But it's hard to resist the rhythms of life when they take you away--at least for awhile or as regularly--from something like blogging.


been there man..your still one of my favorites man


John & Jason - Thanks guys.


Change was noticed and I've been enjoying it. Of course, seeing your pics just makes me realise I should be doing more photography, which leads to more guilt, etc. My ripping a lot of the visuals and sidebar treats from the desk is also a response to the challenge of "keeping the plates spinning."


a picture is a 1000 words and all that :)

so heck of a time saver ;)


missing your chat Brodie - and the banging on the wall!!!

(hey someone moved your hammer and saw)

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