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Wednesday, November 14, 2007



brodie - i was just going to drop you a note and see how the re-commenced studies were going - i guess you answered that! these sound really interesting, looking forward to hearing more about them.


Good luck with all the reading and writing my friend!


Man- that's a mountain of work. But, they are all really excellent topics.

That Hideous Man

Then you might be interested in the this:
www.redcliffe.org/environment08 , a day conference on "Eshcatology and the Environment" in January 08, which I have just seen advertised.


Sounds very cool but hard work - good luck bro and be lookin forward to hearing what insights you get along the way... :)


Hope you're managing to plough your way through it all!

Graeme Clark

You need a bigger desk!!!

Moltmann's God and Creation certainly adds a bit of colour to the picture and to theology but I am not sure it brings as much light as some of his other writings.


Thanks for all the comments above. First essay is in, so I'm now working hard on the others.

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