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Wednesday, November 07, 2007



That language is very helpful. I think when people in the UK uncritically adopt terms from the culture wars in the US, they tend to blur the distinction between post- and de-.

My distinct impression is that the UK has for some time been moving in a post- direction. France is clearly de- and the US is in conflict between the two options.


On a visit to France, eighteen months ago, one thing that struck me powerfully, was that although 'dechristianized', there were aspects of life that were still profoundly spiritual, in a way that we in the UK have lost. For example, everything is closed on Sundays - Sabbath is a much more concrete thing in society there. Saunday is for rest and family (if not for worship of God).

When we finally 'dechristianize' here, it won't just be the church/state thing that goes - it will be much worse, as many of the good things that Christianity gives to a society have already been cut away.


Gadget - interesting thought. That said if we follow Max Weber's analysis of the protestant work ethic then one might "logically" conclude that it is as a direct result of out protestant spirituality that our shops are open on a Sunday and we have lost the practice and perhaps the concept of sabbath.


I think it goes beyond the UK and France my friend, I think it a global shift heading in that direction.


Jason - I think you are right. I was merely using the UK and France as examples of what the difference between these two terms might mean and look like.


Fernando - yes I think it's a common reality that we pick up terms from another context and apply them to our own without thinking though if this term works for our situation.


I was thinking about the compare and contrast here in America and really one could go from state to state over here and see vast shifts...on a national level I believe we are in between the uk and france

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