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Monday, October 08, 2007



brodie - that's fantastic, i'm delighted for you. i'm sure it'll be a very rewarding experience. all the best with it...

stuart blythe

Brodie wish you all the best as you undertake this period which I hope gets to be an extended one of study.


praying it goes well for you man



I'm going to miss you terribly. As I said in an email to a mutual friend of ours, who else is going to show me technical stuff, correct my terminology AND theology, listen to my moans, thump the wall to ask me things, send me blog entries round the world on children's ministry items, point me towards YouTube at low moments, tell me where one can buy/beg/borrow giant bubbles/foam kneeling mats/small pebbles/large heavy guage chains and chain cutters/clear carrier bags/miscellaneous sized jacks for amps/projectors and DVD players, drink weak tea, take all the office old teabags for his compost heap, be the source for borrowing speakers/pens/batteries/a hammer/Moltmann books.........
you get the drift.

None of these things, Brodie's readers, are made up. They all happen(ed).

Where I am poorer, the world of academia and ultimately those who will benefit from your GInormous brain will benefit. Your combination of clear teaching, groundedness in reality, sharp (wicked!!) humour and your awareness of contemporary thinking will make a difference to all who hear you. You're not leaving, really, but being released into the next stage of the exciting journey.

I look forward to watching it unfold
(still open to being corrected. Nicely.)


Fantastic! All the best. Please keep blogging from time to time to let us know how you're doing.


I do wish you all the very best in this move. Working with O'Donovan is a fantastic opportunity. Hopefully your notes and drafts will provide some ready material to keep your blog flowing.

Dougie Lochhead

All the best with your period of study. It was great working with you at QP and I learned a significant number of things to do with youth work while serving with you.

If you ever have a fancy to visit Vancouver Island just drop me an email.


heh that's cool - is a change as good as a rest??? :)


Paul - change as good as a rest?? Hmm...I certainly feel energised!


Doug - hey would be great to come over and see you but I don't see it happening in the near future what with fees, books and travel expenses.
Hope things are going well with you.


Fernando - cheers


Lynn - hey I'm sure someone else will step up to the mark. Thanks for the book and the card.


Jason - Thanks


Stuart - hey perhaps we can meet up for coffee in Rainy Hall seen as we've not managed to meet here in Glasgow.


Brad - thanks. Hope things are going well with you.

Amy G

hey brodie-man!

(lynn - i couldn't have put it better myself!)

i have been pretty pants at staying in touch over the past couple of years but i would like to say thank you on behalf of all the young people you have invested time into whilst at QP and i pray God's richest blessings for you and your family and you take up this new, exciting and challenging stage of your lives.

and, hey! if you every fancy a post in the isle of man i could put in a good word for you! :-)


Amy - thank for your comments. Hey I'm "pants" at keeping in touch too!

Colin Adams

Hey Brodie,

It would be nice to meet up for a coffee sometime, since you're over this neck of the woods...

I imagine you'll also have met Josh Hordern, an English chap @ our church also studying under O'Donovan?



that would be good. I'll send you and email to arrange.


How's the studying going?


Margaret - things are now going well. It's been a bit of a gear change but I feel as if I'm starting to get more into the swing of things now. Thanks for asking.

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