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Friday, September 28, 2007


andy goodliff

Yeah Irving was important for Gunton, although he went back further to John Owen, who influenced Irving. See Graham MacFarlane's book Christ and Spirit (PhD completed under gunton) for more. Sounds like the studies are going well

jim gordon

Just read this post Brodie - after posting on Macleod Campbell this afternoon! One of the best ways into Macleod Campbell is the book So Rich a Soil, by George Tuttle. This is a study of Macleod Campbell's theology by an appreciative critic. Just checked on Amazon and there are several very cheap copies - don't link cheap price to value of book - this is a good book. All best wishes for your study in Edinburgh.


what are you studying in Edinburgh?


Margaret - the post above explains a little more. Thanks for asking.

Stuart Weir

Hi Brodie,
Let's do that jar or dram soon! I need to chat to you! BTW, did I never tell you of my real love of MacLeod-Campbell's, Irving's, & PT Forsyth's (a quality Aberdonian theologian who contended against penal substitution in his Christology too!) christologies? Maybe this should dominate our next chat, amongst other personal matters. Blessings min.

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