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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Wulf Forrester-Barker

One solution is to hold onto the knowledge that there has always been far more going on in the world that one person can keep track of, even if not so much was written down or holding the promise of being in reach; most things you need will still be there tomorrow so you can afford to live deep rather than just wide.


Read things as they interest you, thats how I do it. BTW I am moving me blog and I see you still got facebook..go ahead and add me if you want..email me for the info


info overload can be a killer, so i think we need to manage it rather than be killed by it :)


Blogreading is starting to tire me a bit these days. There's at least three things I can identify that contribute this. First, quite a few blogs hover around a small group of subjects (e.g., the emerging church) and thus contribute little that is new or insightful. Second, a number of blogs, perhaps following some "recipe for success," post in a way that invites comment but offers little of the blogger themselves (e.g., the "tell me what YOU think" style of blogging). Third, as elitist as this might sound, a lot of blogs are poorly written.

I think there is little we can do other than disengage at times and filter more frequently.

But, I also wonder in what ways it might pay to engage more. Perhaps blogging is on the wan and what is left for those of us that choose to stay in the game is to up the ante, improve the quality and actually converse?


Wulf, Jason and Paul - yes guys I think part of the answer is in becoming "media literate", and developing ways in which to deal with all this information.


Fernando - I think in your last comment you touch upon why so many of us started to blog in the first place, i.e. to actually converse, but to converse outwith our normal narrow frame of associates.

So for me, while I also at times tire of both reading and writing, I want to stick at it because....well those who comment and those whose blogs I read have become friends, albeit a particular kind of friend.

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