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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


That Hideous Man

I quite agree, I can't be bothered with facebook, it threatens to eat up precious hours and deliver little of value. I'd rather just read a handful of blogs that stir my thinking.

A good number of valued friends around the world are on skype, so conversations, messages, photos and files can be swapped; and real relationships maintained.


I've joined facebook and I can see the benefit of being able to box up all the web2.0 apps into one page and then having some privacy around that.

But, I'm still kinda skeptical. Call me old-fashioned, but I feel like an extra hour a day spent working, writing, composing, reading or visiting a gallery will, in the long run make me a more interesting person than an hour a day tweaking my facebook page.


i like it for the fact that it's a book with faces - it's like the best form of address book as people update their own details and put their faces to it. It's great being able to see people and connect with some of the ordinariness of their lives with that little bit more control than just on a blog. I'm extremely cautious about putting family images on line but less so about facebook.

It won't replace blogs but at least it helps foster some of those connection feelings :)


Fernando - could not agree with you more.


Paul - faces help and I guess it can also function as a catalyst to revigorate friendships that have lost something due to distance, but facebook can only be the spark for this not the means.


Hey Brodie... I have to say I fully agree with Paul on this one. I'm sold on Facebook as a communications medium and a means of keeping in touch with people I don't see regularly.

Thing is... its part of an arsenal of tools that we can use... The Hideous Man touches on this with Skype - its one tool... but it will never replace your home phone.

Facebook works with the blog and should never be seen as replacing the blog. Paul's analogy of the address book is pretty apt. Its a different kind of connection... that some people get more than others.

As for the arsenal of the modern individual in 2007... we have blogs, social network sites, microblogging (twitter), specific web 2.0 sites (Last.fm or thisnext), news groups, IM, skype, FTP (have to be careful with those letters in Motherwell), email, sms, mms... the list goes on.

The thing is... we have all these tools... but do we have something to say? and do we have people to say it to?

Blogging for me works when people comment... it becomes dialogue. Facebook works for me because of dialogue.

Wrote too much... we can talk more on Facebook if you want.

I'm Thomas Mathie if you want to hook up.



Its been good for me with my very good friend who moved to Oz, who does not have a community like that found in church to belong to and it allows me to still be very much in her life and vice versa.

Perhaps some of the gizmos and add-ons in Facebook should be found in church life?? :0)
Time to chat over movies. Time to tell each other what you've been doing, pore over family photos....

Dougie Lochhead

Just been sitting through a seminar on networking and CRM and facebook is YL of Canada's preferred method of keeping in touch with kids as it is public (to a degree) and of course free.

I've been wary about using facebook but it allows interaction that would not be appropriate via email or phone.

We also use it as a means of networking through our organisation to find people that would like to partner with us across Canada.


Thomas - having gone to school in Port Glasgow I think it's not just Motherwell you'd have to be careful about FTP (lol). Had a look when I was at Nexus to see if you were there, using your photo from your blog, but alsa either you were not their or I've just failed by application fro MI5!


Lynn - Time to chat over movies, tell each other what you've been doing, pore over family photos....steady on that might mean that we get to know each other, lol! Hey if there's a home group where that's what they do I might consider joining??


Dougie - thanks for the comment - perhaps Facebook etc is good for people like me who keep promising to write a longer email but struggle to get around to it. Hope your doing well.


I just love the way they've opened it up for anyone and their dog to add their own apps. It's great the way you can integrate info from other sources - like flickr and blogs. Is a lot of the communication frivolous and superficial. Too right. But actually - a lot of my interactions are the same in real life.

Maybe I'm just shallow!


what ever happened to real friends and getting to know real people? Every likeable and unlikeable person from work is on facebook. I am constantly nagged to join. I would be forced to accept people I don't really like or really offend them and I have actual phone numbers and addresses my real friends!I will never see the point..and no I don't want to send my friend a goldfish or a piece of cake etc.

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