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Friday, August 31, 2007



We should do something to bring the MClendon-interested bloggers together.


Cottiers... what a lovely place! I live so close to there now it's great!


Fernando - do you have any suggestions?

stuart blythe

A number of years ago I hosted a reading group on McClendon 'Witness' we read through and discussed the whole book. Got me into him. Beyond the systematic theology there are two other books which if I remember preceeded the Systematic Theology although have been re-published and one in a second edition and well worth a read 'Convictions' (hard going in places but worth it) and one about 'Biography as Theology' (inspirational in places) both are well worth a read.


emma - Cottiers is great. The Mosaic folk use it quite a bit as a meeting place.


Stuart - I did think of inviting you along to this, know you've read and been influenced by McC, but alas there was not time. What does Jim make of McC?


hey Bro' - that drink looks cold - hope all are well - have a link to u in my blog - have a read - (sorry if i have told u already) - I aspire to have a blog as fancy as yours - flattery aside I like it h tigertigerbb.blogspot.com


h- i've been reading your posts but I find commenting on a blogger a pain as I can't remember my sign in details. I did post about your blog and encouraged people to visit you. Keep up the good work. Peace.

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