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Tuesday, August 14, 2007



I am a little concerned about how this variety of haggis will run around the hills as its lack of legs is further complicated by their apparently equal length. Is it more easily captured than the haggis vulgaris?

I assume it was sighted near Hunterston/Torness/Chapel Cross/Dounreay?! (I'm allowed to say this given past employment)


Catriona - thanks for the comment. Picking up onthe equal legs thing, according to the Haggisclopedia (see here http://haggishunt.scotsman.com/haggisclopedia.cfm )the story that they have one set of legs shorter than the other so if you make them run the wrong way round the hill they fall over is a myth.

This particular haggis was spotted in Falkirk so pollution from Grangemouth may be a factor, but I believe it is actually a native of Glasgow!


It's a very cute native of Glasgow and not to be eaten with neeps and tatties!


Doncha just love that wee face??


Ah, GM modified??? :)

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