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Friday, August 24, 2007



I completely agree. It is bad enough to suffere the homogenisation of the high street at ground level, where the same national chains clone their shops, but even worse that this also happens across the full range of structural design.

Local style might be hard to pin down (and it is good to encourage ingenuity in design) but it would be fantastic if those who pass the plans should stipulate that new buildings make at least a small nod to their existing neighbours.


I agree with you Brodie. Prior to this building, I named the City Inn as the worst building in the city. It's right across the river from the BBC one and is a smaller ugly grey box.

In third place for incongruence and ugliness would be the whole Glasgow Harbour project. What was wrong with the old grain mill? Look at what Battersea Power Station has become!


From out my kitchen window I have a great view of the University of Edinburgh's famously ugly Applteon tower. Condolences regarding your new eyesore.


Wulf - perhaps the most depressing thing about this particular building is that it does in some respects fit in with the surrounding buildings in that they are also metal clad and thus look mostly grey. That said next to the BBC is the IMAX which is a rather attractive looking bubble shape and the science centre which like the armadillo opposite is meant to represent a up-turned ship as a nod to Glasgows' ship building heritage.


Lynn - what is interseting about the Glasgow Harbour project is that given the roads and it's lay out it is almost a defacto gated community. Add to this that it will only take a couple of years for the white roughcast to look awful (think green mossy stains).


Matt - Thanks for your condolences. Hope you get to see more of Edinburgh than just out your window, it is in places a great looking city.

Wood Street Man

My vote goes to the Boyd Orr Building at Glasgow University - inside and out! Closely followed by a number of the Strathclyde Uni departments - Graham Hills in particular :-)


Oh, I certainly have seen more of Edinburgh than the view from our basement flat. In fact, I appreciate how much of the new construction is using a natural or black sandstone facade. Even though the buildings are modern they seem to tie in well with Edinburgh's existing stony architectural landscape.


I completely agree with Wood Street Man... Boyd Orr is by far the worst designed, ugliest building in Glasgow if you ask me... and it is extremely unfortunate that it is where most of my classes are!


it don't look pretty that's for sure! :)


You might be interested in this piece from today's Guardian,



Fernando - thanks for the article link, interesting stuff.


Paul - it's not that it just does not look pretty but what it says. All buildings say something. This one is very much an enclosed space, which for a publically funded organisation is a bit ironic.


Emma & Wood Street Man - ah the west end - a mystery to a kid like me born and brought up in the east end!

Mitera Megalopsixi

And boy have they improved it by sticking the letters "BBC" on in 50ft high type... Before it was a reasonably innocuous, ugly building from a distance - now when viewing a panorama of the south side the eye can't help but be drawn to it. Yuk!

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