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Friday, August 10, 2007



Yes, my challenge is to go deep but I am wondering how to do this in a communal context, to add in the breadth as well as the depth. Any thoughts any one?


Paul - I have friends who meet once a week to pray and talk about what they have been reading. They agree before hand what book they will read, e.g. John, and then share together.This brings both accountability and cross fertilisation


I have one of those Bibles you mention that arrogantly overstates in bold on the cover: "A personal study Bible unveiling all God's fullness in all God's Word".

I've found this link quite helpful on the need for Bible study, not just reading:
"Improve Your Bible Study" by Dr Ralph Wilson

And this link has some good downloads for use in inductive Bible study:
Inductive Bible Study - Into Thy Word

Having used lots of ways of reading through the Bible in a Year, I prefer Robert Murray McCheyne's plan. There are loads of net resources for this. Currently, I'm subsribed to this ESV RSS News feed version of the McCheyne plan.

It's easy to feel guilty about the paucity of our devotional life. Some years ago when I was feeling particularly bad about it I felt God say very clearly that it was me that was missing out. I thought it a duty I owed Him, when in fact he had so much to share that would benefit me, and others through me.

Les Hutchinson

I agree with the need to go deep - and the benefit of meeting with others is indisputable. Sometimes we can (if we choose) be forced to go deep by apparently innocuous questions. I find this from the experience of nurturing new Christians - especially teenagers. The knack of asking questions that are untarnished by years of 'orthodoxy' is priceless.

I guess the bottom line is that we have to make the choice, which in itself seems counter-intuituve in our instant/ soundbite culture.


Les - thanks for the comment. The questions tenns ask is one of the reasons I love working with them.

Mark McCartney

Have been pointed to your thoughts by That Hideous Man - who spoke in moderate to glowing terms of you (though later claimed that he was actually thinking of someone else at the time).
Yes, if we believe that scripture is the big story - The meta-narrative- an immersion in it is v important, and there appears to be a huge ignorance of scripture within the church.
At a basic level I've found listening to scripture helpful - I downloaded the whole NT for about £9 from
Worth the money.

On reading Barth's DiO once a year - well you could certainly read worse annually. Iv'e read it a couple of times, but none of them in the last 10 yrs. What I could understad was spectacularly good, but there was much which I could not comprehend at all- so I assumed that it was even cleverer!
I tend to re-read The Screwtape Letters myself it is funnier, shorter and a very very clever book.


Mark - thanks for the comment and the heads up on listenersbible.com

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