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Friday, July 20, 2007



Brodie and John - I'm posting a heartfelt thanks to both of you for your questions and anwers. This is one of the most useful dialogues I have ever seen (read!?/heard!?) on Harry Potter.

For me as a parent of young children, the key point John makes is to exercise common sense (I prefer that word to censorship) about taking children to see ANY films without perhaps previewing them yourself.

I have dealt with lots of children who have nightmares and bad dreams over auks (from LOTR) because Hollywood effects stick in the memory more than written descriptions. Wormwood's performance is pretty scary too! Never underestimate the visual recall capabilities of a child, even for a scene that, cinematographically speaking, lasts for a fleeting second.

Anyway, I'm drifting onto another topic.....

thanks again guys


ps Brodie - love the new photie, I'd call that your "Fantastic Four" (or "Superhero") pose :-)


good interview- well said John! and thanks Brodie


It's good to get less heat and more light on this - particularly as I know people with views that have given rise to some of your questions ;-)

PS - Dark blue text on black background is hard to read. Is this deliberate?


Talkrhubarb - sorry dark blue is hard to read, when trying to edit Typepad will not let me change this to rich text, and I can't edit the colour in HTML !


Sally - thanks for the comment, and as you say thank to John for doign this.


Lynn - "auks"????????? I think you mean orcs!I like Mark Kermode as a film critic, and he's one for goign and checking out a film before you take your kids.

Lorna (see-through faith)

Thanks for this.

As a mother and a Christian I made the decision NOT to ban the HP book (we got the first LONG before it was famous!) and read them TO our kids. Now HP7 is out and they've read it themselves but want me to read it aloud to them anyway (they are 15 and 17!) - and I've found it opens all kinds of healthy discussions.

I think many Christians (particularly in the USA) are woefully ignorant and are fed on fear. The occult is bad - no question there - but lack of knowledge doesn't make us safer at all.

IMHO the HP books are mostly about the consequences of our choices. That's so good in a day and age where 'anything goes' so very often and the idea of personal let alone corporate responsibility seem to be like fairy tales. Scary.

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