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Thursday, June 21, 2007



If I was still in Glasgow I would love to be a part of this... hope it goes well Brodie.


Spot on man, if I lived there I would be there as well!


Hey I made it for a wee while, including giving a presentation at a Core Leaders meeting, going to a farewell do for a much loved previous boss who fell out a tree and brought his retirement forward by a year, and marking 50 papers for a the SQA.....(managed to fit in the daytime performance of the school concert)

as I type this in the early hours of the morning I spare a thought for you Brodie, who I left a couple of hours ago beside some beer, bananas, press folks and several Glaswegian....errrr......men who'd partaken of a few ginger beers........let us know how it went.....

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