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Monday, June 18, 2007


John Smulo

Great list. Thanks for doing this.


thanks for the tag - can i dig it? ;)


Paul - in the words of that great theologian Bob the Builder, "yes you can!"


John - hey thanks for asking!

Art Kauffman

I like your list of five things...very cool. Something like that makes me want to shout "That was my Jesus!"


cool list and game

move went well and am now in nashville, TN

will be doing that tag you hit me with this week as well


Art - thanks for the comment. What i find very challenging about this kind of thing is that while I want to shout 'that's my Jesus' I also have to ask 'and how closely am I following him, how like him am I?'


Jason - glad the moce went well and trust that you and your family will settle well in Nashville.

andy goodliff

Brodie - I've had a go. Fairly hard meme I thought.

jim gordon

Well hello Brodie,
Just to let you know I have completed meme listing five things about Jesus that need to be said - or at least that I would want included in any conversation about why Jesus is the One whose Way is for me the Way to go.Thanks for asking - hope we can meet up one of these days. Shalom, Jim

Art Kauffman
I also have to ask 'and how closely am I following him, how like him am I?'
...Undoubtedly a much tougher task. ;)

I was tagged by Andy Goodliff.


Scott - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Had a look at your blog and will visit again!


not sure if i let you know yet but i think I tagged you with something or another in one of my posts last week


Jason - fun tag will do this today. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

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