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Friday, May 11, 2007



The Gap is something I hope to see focused on here in the States with the presidential elections getting in gear.


Jason - I was in New Orleans last summer helping with some of the relief stuff going on down there - before I left soemone made the comment that the USA was probably the worst country in the world to be poor in. I thope your right and that with the presidential elections coming nearer issues of justice and closing the gaps will be one's not just spoken about but acted on.


That volf quote is fascinating.


Yeah man...the poor here face all the classic stereotypes...


eh...last comment was from me...


Fernando - I think Volf is picking up on his reading of Zygmunt Bauman and some of his thoughts on the liquid global elite versus the solid poor.

I guess part of what I see in the quote is that uncouciously those who have adapted well to the brave new world of globalized markets adapt without recognition of those who have not adapted or who cannot adapt. Thus they are excluded and adandoned to remain as part of an "underclass".

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