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Wednesday, April 04, 2007



false prophet?

Mike Giggler

I prophecied that Rangers were gonna win the European Championship. Fat lot of good that's done.

Mike Giggler


I think the false prophet suggestion by Anonymous is an interesting one to make. I read this comment and pondered it for two weeks deliberately in the light of a print-off and re-read of the JD prophecy. The suggestion that it was a false prophet bothered me just a tiny bit, but I wanted to think through why this was. Was I just being defensive or could I juustify myself a little further?

Did people call the OT prophets false prophets (they probably did!) Hundreds of years passed before their prophecies were realised. On the day Jesus died, over 30 of their prophecies were realised - the way in which he would die, the place, the details (cast lots for clothes etc.) Did people think they were mad? Probably. And so what if they did doubt? It's up to them, freedom of speech etc

I am aware, however, that we always want to put OUR timespan on things, particularly on the promises of things that are perhaps to come. "God, you've not acted in MY timespan therefore (insert your own conclusion!)".....this is risky ground to walk on, in my opinion.

In my practical experience, I am seeing evidence of part two of the prophecy just beginning to stir (children from unchurched backgrounds coming to Christians and asking to know more of this person Jesus who they are drawn too).

So....I am encouraged when I re-read it. Jean Darnell is held in the greatest respect by leaders from many denominations; hasn't been decried as a fruit-loop yet, as far as I know, so I am choosing to try and keep on fulfilling God's call on my life and getting encouragement whereever I can :)

Good point to debate though, Brodie.

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