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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Wood Street Girl

Ooh how exciting! Sign me up for that one!


Wood street girl - hey just click on the link and you can book direct.


That will be good... I'm guessing from the title that its based on his sermon series from Christmas just past, which I heard and was very interested in. I met Rob in November at a church leaders/pastors event in Belfast (still not quite sure how i managed to blag my way into that!), he comes across as a guy with great integrity, which I like.


emma - I really only know of him from the nooma DVDs, and like them a lot. He was in the UK last year at a youth workers conferance down south, so I enquired about getting him to Glasgow. I drew a blank, so it's nice to see he'll be here anyway.

Stuart Blythe

Listened to the sermon on this just before Christmas from wed site when he spoke about doing this Tour. Scottish struggle that I have here - is that I find this stuff so inspiring yet something within me reacts to the big event thing that we all go along to. Why is that? Jealous? Mean? Stupid? Maybe will go...


Stuart - it's the rebel in you! :-)

It may not be THAT big an event - I checked out the concert hall website and there is a big concert on, so it must be in one of the smaller rooms.

Michael Krahn


I just put up a couple more parts of my review of Rob's "Velvet Elvis" at http://ascenttotruth.blogspot.com/

Join me there to discuss


Michael - thanks for the comment. I've not read Velvet Elvis so I'm not sure I could discuss it.

Wood Street Girl

Tickets booked - see you there! Woo hoo!!!

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