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Tuesday, March 20, 2007



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did I mention I like 24?

andy goodliff

west wing, although its now finished. so i'm enjoying aaron sorkin's new show 'studio 60' and i'm also still enjoying 'lost'

Wood Street Girl

I will not miss Spooks. The only other programme I would not miss was when the BBC did Pride and Predjudice.


Easy..... 24!!!!


Lynn & Emma - I must be one of the very few people never to have seen even one episode of 24. What can I say it's my instict to move away from the crowd!


Andy - never heard of studio 60. What channel is this show on?


WSG - The first series of Spooks was fab, the others have fallen far short of this IMHO.

andy goodliff

Studio 60 isn't over here yet ... ;-) The second series of Spooks was good too. I watched the first few series of 24, but have lately felt its just neo-conservative propoganda. I saw the first series of prison break and began to watch the second, but it clashes with ER and I've got bored of trying to tape it. I must also mention House, which is back on this thursday, channel 5, 9pm. unmissable!

John Smulo

I watch Prison Break every week. Though 24 is probably my favorite. I'm getting into Soprano's as well nowadays.


Been pondering a tv-shows I watch style blogpost for a few weeks now. Because of our locations, we've relied over the last few years on DVDs. Sopranos, Bones and Arrested Development have been the big hits - but nothing has replaced the hole left my Buffy/Angel. We tried Lost, Grey's Anatomy and 24, but they didn't capture the imagination.


Andy - I've caught House a couple of times and yes it's a good show. I guess one of the reasons Prison Break works for me is that it's on my day off. I'm often out in the evenings so watching a regular show does not always work.


i've never seen any of 24 either...

there looks to be a good series on sci-fi coming to channel 5 called Heros which i'd like to have the time to check out more



Got into Prison Break when our boy was just weeks old - mid-season, and didn't manage to catch every ep from then, but would love to keep up with it. Sadly time doesn't allow (or priorities).

Lost is/was fab but though we are a multichannel household this does not include Sky One - and if reports are to be believed, we may lose Sky Three just in time to miss Lost Season 3 :-(

My absolute favourite, no question, in any version/incarnation (though I can pick holes in it with the best of them) is....

Doctor Who.

Fairly moral hero, no sex, family viewing, can be set anywhere anytime - what's not to like? (Oh yeah, and you can buy coffee from the Tardis if you go to Glasgow!)


John - Sopranos has also been very popular in the UK


Fernando - what amazes me is that despite us being in different parts of the world we're all talking about the same shows!


Nodrog - ah good old Dr Who. Must admit my boys are looking forward to the new series. That said there were a coupld of episodes last time that we did not let them see as we thought them too scarry etc.

Margaret Sutherland

I watch all sorts of things - House, West Wing, Desperate Housewives, documentaries (good documentaries are my favourite), Your Are What You Eat, 10 Years Younger - but I happily miss all and any of them.


yes - i'm getting emails from friends in New Zeland and India about what is happening in the current (live) series of American Idol!


Margaret - I think its healthy to have the attitude "I like this programme, but I'll happily miss it if I've something else on".

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