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Wednesday, March 14, 2007



Yes and Amen, as the saying goes.
Will also be praying for those who are directly impacted by the decision - whichever way it goes.


Catriona - thanks for leaving a comment and for saying that you will be praying.


Unfortunately, it went through. But the protest vote was big, bigger than I anticipated.

The important thing is that there is now a window of about two years to increase the opposition before the contracts are signed, so to speak.

Also, observing from a distance, it is interesting to see that Scotland is something of an epicentre for opposition.


Fernando - Thanks for making the point that there is still a window of oppertunity to change this decision as contracts have not been signed.

I watched Question Time last night (a politics programme here in the UK), and anecdotally most of the audience seemed to be opposed to Trident. Part of the problem is, however, that as both the majority of Labour MPs and Conservative MPs voted for a renewal of Trident the party in power after the next general election is likely to be pro-Trident. I am hopeful that after the next election parliment will be hung thus a coalition of anti-Trident MPs may be able to effect change.

rodney neill

The main problem is the possibility of nuclear devices falling into the hands of terrorists or unstable nations such as Iran developing a nuclear capibility. The issue of Trident is marginal compared to these potential sources of danger.

Rodney (ps i am a conservative supporter and thus a heretic in the EC world)


Rodney - I hear what your saying, but if with one hand we are buying new weapons how can we point to terrorists or "unstable" nations with the other hand as say, "no you can't have"?

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