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Thursday, March 22, 2007


John Smulo

I like it. Fits well with the rest of the site. Though it would be great if you could make it wider to fit the template better.

I had my TypePad banner sized at 448 x 112.


I like it.
Like your new photie too (much better than the dirty plate one)


Account Deleted

How do you do the banner thing? I want a banner with a dirty plate!! In picture you look very...dignified, clever, French! Are you still up for April event?


Stuart - I've notes on how to do the banner thing that I will send. Yes still up for the April event.

Margaret Sutherland

What's the April event? Or is it some exclusive male event?


Margaret - Hmmm, it's not some exclusive male event,it's a follow up to a discussion that took place a while ago about emerging church in a Scottish context. It's Stuart B that's organising it not me so you should speak to him if interested.




Paul - I've visited Chester a couple of times now. I think it'soneof my favourite English cities.


i've only been there once but thought it was a great place :)

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