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Wednesday, March 14, 2007



Good post Brodie. I saw parts of the programme on C4 - having seen it advertised and wanting to see the other side of the argument. Granted, much of what they said may have been true, but I found myself in a similar place to you (nothing to do with the fact we have talked about it). I was speaking to my brother (also a skeptic) and the line I took was more of a challenging consumption and waste. We ended up talking about the rise of 'disposables', laziness, and how, given the amount of time-saving devices we have, how little time we seem to have. Business has been the biggest reason for political apathy in my dissertation so far. Anyway off to write an interview schedule! See you tomorrow.


Seems like you and Brian McLaren have a lot in common... :)


Paul - thanks for the link to the McLaren article, and I'll take your comment as a compliment!

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