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Thursday, March 29, 2007



Following this with interest Brodie. I do like the diagram, find it very helpful, being a visual learner. Although it's very hard not to think of the Krankies (wee Jimmy!) :-)

Serious point: how would this model represent the individual caught in habitual/addictive patterns of behaviour, where their heart's desire was to be closer to Jesus and whose attitude and actions mirrored this; they were GENUINELY doing well....until they slipped....they were restored and go on with God until yet again a controlling influence on their life seemed to win and they are trapped again (I guess like Paul described; enslaved; knowing what they want to do and yet feeling that they can't)?


good diagram - i also like the version which shows Jesus [or the centre point] also as moving and therefore you can have people who are now outside the set but their direction will mean they will intercept with Jesus path, or maybe his path will intercept with them - which for me is a powerful humbling image.

I think of the feminist movement, or the green movement and i can see how these sorts of movements have intersected the journey as well...


Paul - Thanks. your right to point out that Jesus is not static. I heard Kosuke Koyame a few years back. he talked about how when we head to the centre, Jesus is found at the margins, in the lowly places, with those who have no power.

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