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Friday, March 23, 2007


Brent Steeno

Now that is something I can support as well. Anything that helps underdeveloped countries get their feet on the ground while looking after the earth is a great project.

Nice blog.


Brent - yes that's what I like about this project.


Excellent idea Brodie. I mentioned this to the new short-term missions group in the church & they are keen to build this into any future short-term mission teams. It was further suggested that the church may like to support those going on short-term mission by funding their carbon offset.
I have to say that as a rule, I believe it's better not to emit than to emit & offset, BUT this is a starting point, not a final word! The benefits of your trip to New Orleans for example, were tremendous. Sitting at home so as to conserve carbon would have been a bad plan!
That's why your balancing action here - particularly your choice of project - is a great example to churches with a mission focus. It's part of holistic mission to consider all aspects of what we do, so that we maximise the benefits & minimise the "cost". Thanks for posting this.


Vicki - that's very encouraging to hear.

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