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Sunday, February 11, 2007



You could have corrected my spelling!


I love the blog that you have. I was wondering if you would link my blog to yours and in return I would do the same for your blog. If you want to, my site name is American Legends and the URL is:


If you want to do this just go to my blog and in one of the comments just write your blog name and the URL and I will add it to my site.



Stuart - you're a class act - we both gave our daughters the same name - Michal.

I've never read your blog until now, but maybe I'll have a wee peak....


Toni - thanks for leaving a comment. Stuart's blog is worth having a look at, he's got a lot of good things to say.

Bill Borland

Back in the 50's the church of the Nazerine had an American pastor called the Rev. Zimmerlee does Stuart know of this man as he became a friend of my late father. At that time we lived in Uddingston on church street. For the last 44 years I've lived in Michigan

Stuart Blythe

Sorry Bill, I do not know of Rev. Zimmerlee, a bit too early for me not born till 60's. I will ask my mum and mum in law though because they are long time Uddingstonians.

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