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Tuesday, February 13, 2007



Nice one Brodie. I did this last year with some close friends - we did the four glasses of wine and a proper lamb roast dinner in the middle - good for a dozen or so people. I had planned to do it again this year with the whole church family (a little harder to do the roast). There's a whole load of resources for this kind of thing. What liturgy did you use?


Jamie - the liturgy I used was based on several sources but I'd adapted it quite a bit. I can send you a copy if you wish.

I had asked the hotel to cook some legs of lamb for us but they forgot. This was however ok as it meant we kept within the alloted time for this session of 1 1/4 hours.

What's more is that it works well as a family service as as you know it's all about passing the story of God's redemption onto the children of the community.


yeah, I'd love to see a copy. cheers.

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