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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


andy goodliff

Brodie - have there been some recent conversations which have closed down to quickly?


Andy - by way of example I realy like what John Smulo does on his blog and becuase John take the time and effort to respond to every comment there can be some real gems in the comments section. That said John will stick up a new post each day and thus sometimes I feel that things have moved on too quickly. (John - please don't take this negatively it's just a personal view).
I don't know if Kester had specific examples in mind but his comment struck a cord with me.


There was a PC in the house? defiled for sure :)

Duncan McFadzean

Brodie, I've come across your blog before but apologise for never commenting. It's ironic because my wife is from Londonderry/Derry/Stroke city and we were actually in portrush last Sunday afternoon..........oh well, I'll stay in touch by adding you to my reader. That'll teach me for not adding you in earlier on. Will be good to hear what you have to say.


Rob - was good to meet you and your wife at the session. Hope that you enjoyed your time over here and that you return to the States with fresh hope.


Duncan - that's a pitty that you didn't know the sessions were on. If you keep your ear to the ground I'm sure you'll hear of other gatherings.


I agree with what you say about the "urge to post". I have felt that many a time. It's the nature of the blogging beast that if you don't post new stuff regularly you lose visitors, so conversation can dry up.

When I first started out I had a lot of stuff to say (I was at college at the time) and so I had a post every few days. Naturally, there was a fair amount of conversation back then. These days I try not to post for the sake of it, so often go a week or two between posts, but the result is that people stop visiting - even when I do finally have something worthwhile to say!

It all seems to get a little like that party described in your post. "I must say something (anything!) soon otherwise I'll end up standing in the corner browsing the bookshelf while everyone else is having fun."

I wonder if collaborative blogs are the way forward here - multiple voices (in cooperation rather than 'competition'), fewer posts each, higher quality of thoughts, broader base of experience...


Jamie - I think part of the answer is people using RSS feeds etc., so it you post the feed lets me know.

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