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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Margaret Sutherland

Simon Jones on his blog says that we will be celebrating the end 200 years ago of the transatlantic slave trade. We should also be lamenting the fact that we still benefit from this iniquitous trade and should be drawing attention to the fact that more people are trafficked today than were transported at the height of the trade that Wilberforce opposed and attempted to stop by Parliamentary action. Quite a thought too! Check this out - Stop the Traffik, visit their website at www.stopthetraffik.org


Margaret - yes there is much to lament and much still to do. I do however think that the 200th celebrations are helping bring into focus the present slave trade. The Stop the Traffik stuff is great- I've also friends who are involved with this project http://www.protest4.com/ which is worth checking out and supporting.



I must admit I and my wife Suzanne opted for Rocky Balboa as our film to watch this week at the pictures - escapist sentimental entertainment. Did you enjoy Blood Diamond as a movie?


Rodney - I guess to answer your question I need to qualify what I mean by enjoy. If you mean did I leave the cinema with a a feel good feeling and a smile on my face, then no I did not enjoy Blood Diamond. If however we by enjoy we mean was this a film you'd see again or recomend to friends then yes I did enjoy it. It is well shot, has a strong script and is on the whole well acted. There were even inthe darkness moments of humour when the whole cinema laughed out loud. What was perhaps most telling was the scilence at the end of the film when information about the "cost" of blood diamonds appears on screen.


Interesting to read your comments and ideas for practically responsding to the issue.

The question of "enjoying" the arts in general and films in particular probably merits a whole discussion of its own. But, for me, one of the "joys" of moviegoing is the conversations that arise as we share our experiences of films. Oftentimes the least "enjoyable" films generate the most interesting and compelling conversations. Certainly Blood Diamond fits that bill for me.


brodie, great idea. thanks for the thoughts...


Fernando - I'll look forward to your post on "enjoying" the arts.


Brad - thanks for your comments

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