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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Graeme Clark

Started reading Power & Passion in bed this morning with my Tea & Toast trying all the while not to put sticky finger marks all over the cover.

My discipline in Lent will be to put the book down and not read it all in one sitting. Lots to ponder! If you read this you will be taking up 'thinks' for Lent (forgive the play on your typo)


Graeme - Ah now I can't remove the typo! Your obviously a much faster reader than myself so there was little danger I would read the book in one sitting! Hope you get muchout of the book as you ponder.

andy goodliff

Brodie - did you get my email about hopeful imagination lent blog? can you do any blogging? perhaps you could blog on power and passion. I'm reading it too.

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