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Monday, January 29, 2007


John Smulo

It's definitely a country to be praying for. I went through theological college with two guys from Lebanon, one who has since moved back to be involved with the church there. Because of my friendship with these guys, Lebanon has especially been on my heart as well.


John - It's great to hear of a Lebanese guy moving back to Lebanon. When I was there most of the kids we spoke to saw no future for themselve and wanted to leave - the USA, Australia and Sweeden being the places they wanted to go.

I have however heard some great stories from these present troubles of Churches and Christians learning to "love their enemy" and in doing this seeing God go great things.


Brodie, you might want to try and speak with Louise's father (Douglas Callander) if you catch him at QP on Sunday. With his work for Biblelands and the projects they support in Lebanon I'm sure he has some first-hand reports. Lebanon is also close to our hearts.


Phil - I've had brief chats a couple of times with Douglas and Levette. There are quite few people from QP now who have been to Lebanon and feel some connection for the place. We actually had one couple out there last summer when the bombing started.

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