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Thursday, January 11, 2007


John Smulo

I haven't commented in a week or two I think so I'll say "hi". Appreciate your input Brodie.


John - thanks for saying Hi. I've appreciated your comments and hope the conversation will continue.


ok then, you got me! Enjoy reading your posts. Roy


Hi, I have only visited once or twice, there's lots to ponder from a visit here... Intrigued by the Dawkins conversation (found via Santa Fe Trail) Looking forward to hearing you speak this weekend!


Bryan Riley

Hi! I'm Bryan. Thanks for the invitation.


You've been a welcome and challenging addition to my blog-reading activity for quite a wee while now.. time to come out from the shadows I suppose!


Roy - thanks for saying you enjoy reading my posts.


Nodrog - I must admit I think I'm enjoying playing the part of Dawkins too much! hope the weekend does not disapoint.


Bryan - thanks for saying HI


Neal - Thanks for leaving a comment. Keep up the good work at your blog.


Hey Brodie... Regularly read your blog and would love to meet up some time... chew the fat.


rodney neill


my name is Rodney Neill,

I tracked down you blog from Si johnstopn website and enjoy it very much.

I hope to add more comments in future.


Jim Gordon

Hello again Brodie. I have delurked and begun to blog a bit. Have a good weekend with ICC students - and thanks for the stimulus and good stuff on your blog. Jim Gordon


Thomas - yes would be good to me up some time. Will email you when I get a chance.


Rodney - it was from reading Si's blog and meeting him that I started to blog. Looking forward to more of your comments.


Jim - thanks for your kind words. I'm just back from the weekend with the ICC guys. It was a good weekend although I'm ready for my bed now!


I'm not technically a lurker since I do occasionally post, but I thought I'd take the chance to thank you for your stuff. Brodie we must get together for a beer sometime soon.


Jamie - cheers for the encouragement. will give you a call re meetingup for a beer.

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