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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


John Smulo


Interesting thought. As I think about it, I enjoy having people IRL that I disagree with around me. Especially people that come from different spiritual perspectives. But in blogging, I do tend to be "around" people who largely agree with my thinking.

I intentionally have stayed away from blogs like Slice of Laodicea that I see people mentioning who take a strong stand against the EC.

Thanks for the food for thought.


John - thanks for your comments.
I was not particuarly thinking about blogs that set out to be polemic on certain issues, but more on gereral differances.

So for example, I think Fernando and I would disagree on the merits of capitalism. If I express my views about this on my blog will this put off Fernando visiting? Likewise if he expresses his views on capitalism will I stop interacting with Fernando on his blog?

I hope neither will happen and that despite differances like this friendships in the blogsphere can survive such differences.


I've been online for well over a decade now and during that time experienced some pretty aggresive flaming. That makes me hesitant to walk into the "lion's den" in some cases. Moreover, in the analogue world I'm pretty weary of people who fight and yell for the sake of it. Some people just seem to thrive on conflict and tension - I don't.

But I love genuine exchanges and debates with people who can muster some respect. The problem is that online, some people just can't seem to remember that behind the words there is a person and they launch into ad hominem attacks. Faced with that, there is often little option but to retreat.

To me the important thing is to not "Dawkins" the debate. It's one thing to say you don't buy someone's ideas, but another to claim that their holding such beliefs is incontrovertable proof of their idiocy.


Fernando - I understand what you say about flaming. I've not yet experiance this sort of thing, but I can imagine that it would not be nice to be on the end of.

I wonder if some people can come over very agressive on line as they are trying to be brief and to the point and in doing so lose any sence of grace. That said there are probably some who don't have much grace to start off with!

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