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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Margaret Sutherland

what was the fuss about wild at heart?


Margaret - Re "Wild at Heart", I started to read it (it was bought for me as a gift) but soon gave up after what I thought was some rather fanciful reading of some Genesis passages.

Having spoken to some people that have read it I think it has been popular because it justfifies men in being selfish. It basically says, "Men, God made you wild so you need to go out and have adventures etc., so if that means abandoning the wife and kids each weekend then well they'll have the benifit of a manly man".

Elaine McGregor

Happy Burns Night! Enjoy your haggis...


Elaine - Happy Burn's night to you to! We ate our haggis last night because as you know haggis takes a long time to cook and we had that time last night. Our Veg man brought us a nice big red cabbage rather than a turnip, so we have this with the haggis which was a nice change.



so much I want to say about the Elridge book....so not going to say it here.....

should I worry that two people have given me his wife's book, Captivating?? :-)


lynn - I'd worry more if it was Scott who was given Captivating!

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