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Friday, November 17, 2006



Thanks for that. I've wanted to catch up with RyG for some time, but not though to hunt them out on you tube.

You can see Rodrigo has learned modern speed techniques from the way he has a very open hand over the fingerboard. Gabriella used a flamenco technique to get those very fast strummed sounds.

It's all good, but I'd love to hear the same stuff played through a couple of big stacks set on 11.

Wood Street Girl

Thanks for including the clip Brodie. I've not heard these guys before, but the music took me back to a party in a flat above a video shop, where we danced in the dark to salsa music into the wee small hours...if I only had to keep one memory to encapsulate my youth that would be it!


Toni - yes the YouTube clips are a poor second to hearing this sort of stuff live. Let's just say that at the gig when Gab hit the face of the guitar behind the sound whole the base noise she got from this hit you in the chest. Great stuff!


wood street girl - I can just picture you dancing away. I was a little surprised at people at the gig didn't grab the person next to them and start dancing away at soem of the more salsa type songs. But hey, maybe they are all as shy as me?

Rachel Stewart

You might like to try Antonio Forcione, who plays at the Edinburgh Festival every year. His percussive use of his guitar is amazing and he has a great quartet, an interesting mix of instruments - cello, double bass and Brazilian percussionist who can play anything including flipflops on drainpipes. They always look like they are having a great time.


Rachel - thanks for the tip off, I'll check Forcione's stuff out.

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