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Thursday, November 09, 2006


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Hi Brodie

Does the Edinburgh UCCF get support and funding from the EUSA and that is why their 'ban' matters? I know that even if they do they may not have been treated on a equal footing and think that your good letter makes this clear. I guess, however, that it may be that in order to maintain freedom they would have to be prepared to concede the benefits they get from association - a separation if you like of CU and Uni. Such choices may ultimately come the way of churches with respect to charity law and church support. in Australia Churches are not treated as charities. Separation there is greater - this may or may not be a bad thing but is certainly 'life after Christendom'.

Andy S

Interesting that this has occured at the same time as Exeter Uni Student Union(where I did my degree) has temporarily suspended the CU because it doesn't comply with the Equal Opportunities act. They've had their bank account frozen and not allowed to advertise on campus at moment. Let's hope some good comes out of adversity!


Stuart - I think the wider context of this whole thing is that there is a "move" at many Uni's by the student associations to get the CU's off campus. This not only means meeting off campus but not being able to advertise anything on campus. Yes life after Christendom indeed.

Yes Andy let's hope some good comes out of all this. On the after Christendom theme, perhaps such moves by the student associations will make the CU's and UCCF re-think what it means to be a missional movement on campus. Perhaps they will re-discover the subversives of Christianity.

My rational behind writing the letter was that I felt the rational behind the decision the Uni and EUSA had taken was wrong, and their perception of Christian's as homophobic is false. I'm going to a meeting on the 28th where I should here more of what's going on and will up-date after this.


The Pure Course may have been banned from Edinburgh University premises, but it is still being run by the Edinburgh University Christian Union at outside premises. It seems you should have got your facts straight before writing letters to the University- The action taken is known as compromise, it keeps both sides of the argument happy, as the CU are still able to run the course, but not with the University's backing, which pleases the majority of students at this University who don't believe it is appropriate material for the University.


Do you truly believe that by saying "Any sex other than that between a man and a woman is offensive to God" is a true representation of Biblical teaching? Which part of the Bible are you drawing that from? The overwhelming requirements of the Bible are to love God with all your heart and to love thy neighbour. By asserting the quote I feel you are failing miserably on the latter.

I also find it somewhat perverse for you to reject something on the basis that it is not supported by any scientific evidence.


X (Hmm is that your real name?) Thanks for your comments and contributing - with regards to getting my facts straight. My information was from the UCCF reps in Scotland who had asked if I (and others) would consider writing to the university. Given they are the guys who are in contact with those on the ground I'm willing to take their advice on what the situation is. With regards to compromise - hey it can be a good thing, but there are other issues at stake here. It's a dangerous precedent that is being set by banning this course from campus and one wonders who or what will be next to be banned, if not at Edinburgh then at other uni's.


E (do you know X or do people in Edinburgh, if that's where your from have very short names?). Thanks also for commenting and contributing to this. The quote you quote is from the book used at the Pure course - so if you want to find out the Biblical passages that are used to support this view then perhaps you could go to the course or read the book?
I disagree that to have used this quote is to fail in loving God and my neighbour. For a start we've never met, so to judge me on the basis of this would I think be rather harsh.
Secondly I don't see any conflict between believing a particular behaviour to be wrong or offensive before God and loving that person. Hey I do things that are offensive to God (don't we all), yet I know His love and His forgiveness. Likewise I also know the love and support of the Christian community of which I'm a part.
As I said in the letter - Jesus did not come to condemn so why should I? So I think it is possible to teach what a great many Christians (although there would be some who disagree), believe to be a Biblically based teaching on sexual relationships without being homophobic or condemnatory.

Guacamole Girl

Brodie, Did you see Saturday's Times? They had a front page article about Edinburgh, Exeter & Birmingham CU's current disputes. There was also an interesting & (in my humble opinion) quite balanced comment. Have a look - it's at http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,542-2458692.html


Guacamole Girl - someone sent me a text to say the times were carrying the story but I didn't get to the shops to get a copy and could not get on line at home. Thanks for the link I'll have a look.

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