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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Elaine McGregor

I like that idea! I amn't much of a shopper either though! Sanna and I have done a couple of things in the same vain. One was not getting presents at all for our 21st and going to the theatre in London together instead. In hindsight it would of been cheaper to get gifts!! ;)

Wood Street Girl

Could I guess that you did suggest the 'buy nothing for Christmas' option to your wife last night, and that's why your off today?!!!!


I like the concept of a "buy nothing day" but tomorrow is Black Friday in the states and everyone has a sale... is it not better stewardship to buy stuff in a sale? get the same stuff cheaper rather than buy more?

It would be more effective if every week we had a buy nothing day... that's the way to fight consumption.


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