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Thursday, October 26, 2006



I have had a box delivered for a couple of years now, comes from Broxburn though. Costs £14.90. Yours sounds great!

(I have to phone up regularly to find out what some of the sprouting green things are and what you do with them)


That is cool. It tastes so much better when you have to wash the mud off.

On another note, that talking head is deeply freaky!!!! ;-)

Wood Street Girl

Brodie: I'm in total agreement with Glen, the talking head is REALLY weird!

If you're looking for a cracking recipe for spicy pumpkin soup (which I recommend mixing some liquidized tofu into, but some people prefer proper cream!) let me know.

Dougie Lochhead

If you wouldn't mind sharing that recipe then I have a pumpkin in the Compass larder that I really need to do something with otherwise it'll end up being pumpkin pie!

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