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Monday, September 04, 2006



I'm with you Brodie, but I believe this is part of the wider issue of how we relate to our culture, that is relevant our whole lives long.
I'd like to ask Steve where he draws the line? Does he ban all TV/videos/theatre/art owing to their leading to a warped vision of reality? I know there are some that would advocate that position.
Personally, I've had discussions with my kids where I've said: "I'm not letting you watch this/do this because I don't think it's in your best interests. I may well be wrong, but I love you and want the best for you. I'm always happy to discuss this so let's keep talking".
I think danger of a protective bubble is much more dangerous than the dangers of a warped vision of reality from watching the news.

Margaret Sutherland

I think we can all get a warped sense of reality from news on TV - not just kids! My experience is that kids are very well aware of what's going on round about them and are keen to engage in the topics. They can have some very profound things to say! I was in Iceland at a conference last week. Someone from Israel was presenting a paper about what children think an effective teacher does and says. One of the children said (I paraphrase but you'll get the idea) "a good teacher stops wars in our class. It's not good to go to war". The academic commented that it's good that a four year old knows this but it was a pity the government didn't think about it!


My personal view is that children should be aware of the news.......particularly as it relates to injustices and suffering. I want them to see why words in the Bible such as these are very important to me:

< as the watches of the night begin;
pour out your heart like water
in the presence of the Lord.
Lift up your hands to him
for the lives of your children,
who faint from hunger
at the head of every street.>>

However - and I hope this isn't hippocritical - when there are local news stories on about sex offences against children, I mute the sound or switch the channel as I want to protect them from nightmares or fears taking root - am open to other readers telling me if they think I am operating double standards...

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