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Friday, September 01, 2006



you mean the answer isn't Jesus!!


1. The Proof of Age Passport Scheme is known as what?
2. A road round a town is sometimes knows as a by- what?
3. To see your favourite band backstage you need a backstage what?
4. Complete the name of a travel game with two pig dice "???? the pigs"
5. Biblical phrase for when something happened: " It came to ????" what?
6. Euphemism for death. Like "Kick the bucket" : "???? on".
7. If you've got kidney stones you look forward to when you can ???? them?
8. a flight or run by an aircraft over a target is known as a what?
9. To use a forgery pretending it's the real thing (like banknotes for example) is known as, to what something off?
10. With identical twins very often one could what as the other?


No MINE is the stupidest quiz in the world.
(Visions of "I am Sparticus" spring to mind)


1. A narrow gap between two mountains is known as a coll or a ?? what?

2. You're taking part in Circle Time in school; what do you say if you don't wish to "share"?

3. In Monopoly: complete the following phrase:
"Collect £200 when you XXXX Go"

4. Name a jazz guitarist from the 1960s: Joe XXXX (hint: see http://www.gould68.freeserve.co.uk/JoePass.html)

5. If you are bursting for the toilet, you really need to XXXX ? water.

6. Before a bill becomes law, it has to do what? through the two Houses of parliament.

7. If you live in Louisiana, USA and need some extra help with your school work, what scheme exists to help you? :-)
(Hint: see http://www.louisianapass.org/)

8. What's the best The Best Power Analysis Software on the Market? (hint: see http://www.ncss.com/pass.html)

9. If you have a recommendation for a great move to watch or a fantastic restaurant to visit, you should ".....it on" i.e. do what with that information?

10. If you compete in a sport at national level and are suspected of cheating, you will have to do WHAT to a drugs test?

Oh my brain hurts now, can't think of any more.


Hi Comfy-re. your question 8, I think I saw an early version of PASS when I worked at Yarrows. Not sure I could still endorse it though. Thanks for giving me a nostalgia trip!

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