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Friday, September 01, 2006




Thanks a lot for the link. You have a great blog; I'll definitely be back.


I missed that too Brodie.
Enjoyed finding Laura's blog thanks to your link.
Keep panning for the gold of the blogosphere.

Margaret Sutherland

Beirut Spring states Psst... did you know that drinking a coffee at Starbucks is the same as drinking the blood of Lebanese and Palestinian children?

Wasn't that where you had your "baptist" meeting/discussions recently????


Margaret - you obviously read Beirut Spring more closely than I do. In my defence I don't normally frequent Starbucks and I did not arrange the meeting. I guess the other point is that I may or may not agree with what Beirut Spring writes on this issue, and that is what I think in part Blog Day is all about. It's so easy to just read blogs that you agree with or have similar views to yourself. I want my blogging to be hospitable in that those who read this blog feel welcome whither they agree with me views or not. Equally I want to be a good guest when I visit other blogs, this might mean leaving a comment which challenges the writer, but hopefully this is done with good grace.
Peace - Brodie

Margaret Sutherland

Oh sorry.....I didn't mean you had to defend being in Starbucks - indeed I frequent the place myself from time to time. It just got me thinking about ethical issues and where we go, what we do etc etc and what, if any, our response should be to multi-national companies etc etc. I'm new to the blogging thing and have enjoyed reading yours immensely. My apologies if I have upset anyone!


Margaret - no offense taken.


All of the blogs, especially the one about working with kiddies, were outstandingly interesting and well worth linking to :)

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