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Thursday, May 04, 2006



Really useful notes. Thanks.

Steve Hollinghurst

comprehensive stuff Brodie

can't resist mentioning i have written a book on this subject for Grove Books! (plug over and i am not going to abuse Brodies blog by putting a link or anything like that) but my feeling is very much that the underlying issues that have made the books message appealing are more important then the facts that get disputed. people feel they are getting offered an alternative on Christianity that has a more human jesus, a higher place for women a deithy who embraces the 'divine feminine' and a faith that is far more inclusive. my fear is that too much of the church response, which as Brodie rightly says often majors on truth and forgets grace, simply plays into the books agenda, it looks like an attaempt to silence the book and confirms the idea of a conspiracy by the church to hide 'the truth' not an attmept to uncover it! meanwhile the deeper issues get missed.

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