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Wednesday, May 31, 2006



Welcome back to the blogosphere, Brodie!

What a good post this is, raising some very important questions.

Though it's been painful for us and them, I've been pleased over the last few years that some people have left us, to go to smaller local churches. My sense is that God is doing something, using larger 'resource churches' to equip/encourage people, then sending them out.

I wonder whether larger churches need to be very intentional about this?


I think larger churches probably do need to be more intentional about resourcing other churches and sending people out. However, out of sight is often out of mind. we had a bunch of people go to help a struggling church, but I'm not sure how well we did at supporting them in what they were doing.


Either type of church needs to show preference for the other - churches look to partner with one another, to be deliberate in ensuring why someone leaves one church for another, to not carelessly 'step' on the smaller congregation and wipe it out, to partner in community outreach rather than compete with each other or the non-Christian groups, and be intentional about every member care & serving (we don't want bums to warm the seats; we want active disciples who make disciples). I think small church has a chip on 'their' shoulder and big church seems to be ignorant of the effect 'they' have on the smaller church.


oooooooooh really interesting debate. I had to go to a denominational council meeting and what became very evident was a lot of small church - big church envy. I found the whole thing rather upsetting as I naively went to this meeting (my first ever of this genre!) thinking that we all loved God and wanted to reach people around us in the best way that we knew how...whether we are a gathering of 30 or 300 doesn't matter.....


I am not so sure about this...

On the one hand who can deny the growth of megachurches...

on the other hand what about the New Monastic Movement?

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